Friday, February 26, 2016

Well... the man cave got booted from the third bedroom to the basement! All I need is some milk crates, cinder blocks, and these tubs and I'm doing the retro college dorm thing. It's all good! Notice what's left of the behemoth metal desk. I paid about 50 bucks three years ago to buy that thing. Craigslist. I knew the minute I went to get it in Naperville that I had made a mistake. It weighs a ton!! Anyway, Jim Hall and his son in law, Joe, helped me wrestle it upstairs at the time. Getting rid of it turned out to be a bit easier. Drawers out, top off (which we turned into a laundry table), legs off and then slid the rest, which you can see in the pic, down the stairs and then out to the dumpster! Yay me!!

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